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I watch shows and play a certain level of video games too.
I actively reject too much violence. I play Mass Effect. I was shocked when the writers of the game chose the name "MASS EFFECT" I figured it was a fluke. One would have to understand the nature of the universe to come up with that name.

The game also explained many things scientifically to an audience that otherwise wouldn't have NEVER thought to look up what a Bose-Einstien Condensate was. It added a lot of ...speculation and magic matter just like Star Trek 09 did but it explained adequately the entire concepts that made up this universe while teaching use about the Galaxy a little physics and told a really good story that was extremely entertaining.

Star Trek used to do this...
But it's had a lot more problems than that in the last 10 years So Abrams picks up one side of Trek ...the action and the adventure but doesn't do anything but lip service to the intellectual stimulating that Star Trek has been known for (dare I say) or at least why I tuned in weekly.


Entertainment baby sitters are likely a high contributing factor to problems like Hyper activity syndromes like ADD and AHD. That whole leaving kids alone trend in hot cars at home is behind some of the more unfortunate crimes like molestation or even others not covered by law but pose there own unique problems emotionally.

I don't want to absolutely shoot down "mindless entertainment." I do a little my self...very little. Yet I understand how much a release it can be from daily stress to get lost in something for a little while. I don't want to leave you with the impression that I don't understand it or absolute despise it.

But Trek used to be special to me for those reason that it wasn' least not to me. I wish it could get back there.

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