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Hi, Kevin and Sam,

Yeah, Ripley states she was supposed to be home in time for Amanda's (Ripley's daughter) 11th birthday in the Director's Cut. They completely cut that material out in the theatrical release.

Samwise, you bring up a good question. It would seem that one does age somewhat in hypersleep, because (granted it was a different actress portraying a very dead Newt) Newt looked older.

Also, with borderline malnutrition, remember Newt was surviving pretty much on foodpacks, and whatever she could scrounge up when she did move about the colony. She managed to deduce when the aliens moved, and when was the best time for herself to move, and when to lay low. So she certainly didn't feast, but she wasn't exactly starving. She just needed better foods. (Which brings to mind a question....did Newt get to have a meal before going into hypersleep at the end of ALIENS?)

I did not get to look at the fictional Nostromo crew bios like I'd wanted to last night, it was late when I was making the initial post...and I needed to hypersleep myself. LOL!

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