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Default AVP vs. Prometheus in Alien mythology

It's pretty obvious that AVP and Prometheus don't belong in the same universe, their mythologies clash and contradict one another. I suppose one can ride off AVP as occuring in that What If crossover universe where so many unlikelies cross-over and clash, like Doctor Who meeting up with the Next Generation crew. AVP undercuts the basic premise of the original Alien, a crew must be sent out far into space to find and bring back the Alien creature. In AVP the alien creature is on Earth and has been for millenium, the oldest of human cultures worshipped it. In AVP, we see Weyland die a differnt kind of death than in Prometheus. Yet, it seems Promethus may have drawn a bit from AVP for inspiration; Weyland's death, the archeology angle with ancient human civilizations and ancient alien contact tying into the story and providing a backdrop.
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