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As far as I know Rick Berman had NO (since we're capitalising for effect I shall join in) involvement in the TOS film franchise as that was run by an entirely different crew (who in turn had nothing to do with TNG's day to day production) or influence of any kind UNTIL the film franchise transferred to the TNG crew with Generations in 1994.

So, in fairness, no point bringing him into a discussion of TFF.

But in fairness, the utterly shambolic nature of the film's production history (not least Shatner being given the director's chair to keep him happy because Nimoy had been allowed to direct, rushed production schedules because Paramount was concerned they would lose momentum from TVH, budget cuts because Shatner wanted millions more to make the film than they would give and countless others) it's probably not a surprise the film itself was a shambles. It would take either a very lucky or a very talented director to have the ability to pull a rabbit out of that hat, and I don't think I'm being harsh to suggest Shatner was not the former and assuredly not the latter.
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