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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
James Doohan sorely berated Shatner for that scene too. He felt it was completely out of character for Scotty...even if the engineering section was of a different design. He said this at a convention just shortly before Star Trek VI came out. He was really pissed at Der Shat.
I think Doohan delivered the line Great but you can see how lame the idea was even executed. The character is directed to walk extremely close to a wall where tunnel stiffeners are encroaching the walk space...and further forces the character to look down and grumble in order to not see what is clearly at eye level.

Okay MAYBE that's not bad so far but then as a cream de la crap, he's also knocked out....Really?
It's nothing but really bad and corny slap stick and Doohan knew it too. Nothing like that had EVER been in Star Trek.

Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
But who would change out of uniform after landing in hostile desert terrain in order to pull a dance number as part of a diversionary tactic? For me it was one of the most insane parts of the movie.

Unfortunately I'm not big on the campfire scene either. Even before they try to sing (shudder) the dialogue just feels too much on-the-nose for me. For that matter, the dialogue in general is I think the single the weakest element of STV.
A dancing woman in the middle of a Desert?
In reality she would have been shot. It's so obviously a distraction only the Boris and Natasha would have fell for that.

Frankly for me it's hard to decided what was weaker.

Do you know how many scenes of the ships were STILL SHOTS animated across the scene with SLIDE FRAMES??!!!!

-The Character WorkMany of the characters introduced at the beginning do absolutely nothing for the rest of the film and are placed in an absolutely ridiculous Frontieer setting of a planet you're wondering why there is any importance to at all. -The POOR Execution of the THEME
Kirk being a long figure he apparently can only trust himself
It's a load of CRAP as a theme just to begin with. The series works off the efforts of the whole, epecially the 3 at the top and the characters around him at the point Star Trek V have every reason to be devoted to him. Pavel Checkov owes his life to Kirk just as of the last film. BONES has always been his confidant, SPOCK GAVE his life, and they ALL stood on Trial WITH him to get Spock back.
Rather than drawing on the strength of those bonds and how much Kirk NEEDS those people for him to succeed vs him being alone and knowing how much he can't do without them...he trashes every body he can get away with...

-The Plot of the Film
I barely see a plot over the incredible mind job Shatner has done on the rest of the script. A mad man hijacks a ship for God. And is it just me or is all of this done so Shatner can deliver the estimable and obviously line of "Excuse me, what does "God" need with a ship?' There doesn't seem to be any other point. Sybock had no apparent motivations other than this. It's so 1 Dimensional at it's attempt to talk about the virtues of Gods and Men as much better episodes in Trek have done.

-The Dialogue
Horrendous. As we've seen, It's silly.
Scotty's damage report seems focused on the doors.
Sulu looks and sounds like a complete idiot when explaining how many times he's done this manuver (And what is up with the Captain asking that?)
Kirk pointing out the stupidity of people being relieved of there pain in the mist of stupidity itself!

There is no ONE BAD part of this film. It all seems to stem directly from the EGO driven mind of Shater in spectacular and uncensored and unfiltered fashion. Oh...God where was Rick Berman? On vacation?

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