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To a degree, I actually like the film. And I find that the DVD chapter stops are perfectly placed to skip over the stuff I don't like. I'll usually skip the first campfire scene, Uhura's song and dance number, the tiresome antics with the turboshaft and levitation boots, and Uhura's pawing of Scotty in sickbay. Maybe some other scenes as well that I'm not thinking of.

My favorite moments in the film are the trio on the observation deck (both early on and later in the film), as well as the casual nature of launching the ship after being woken up at 2 in the morning. And I actually like the Spock/Sybok stuff, and don't find it to be a severe stretch of canon (any more than anything else about ST that's retroactive, anyway).

If only so much of the dialogue throughout didn't creek and groan. And yet people insist on finding the half-@$$ed special effects work to be what's most objectionable...

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