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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Well it doesn't really. It's still silly - but at least bursting into song wasn't unfamiliar. It's weak, I know. I'm just saying I can get over part of that hill a little more easily. A little.
I felt like the scene had already used up its fuel once Kirk said he would die alone. When you force a character to admit the truth about himself, you've got nowhere left to go for that scene. It's the reason Cadet McCoy can't give a reliable answer about why he chose Starfleet; he has to be hung over and grumpy about his ex-wife at that particular moment because we haven't earned an honest confession from him yet.

So Kirk says he would die alone, and them McCoy rambles on about how "It's a mystery to me what brings us together; all that time in space, us getting on each other's nerves..." It's way too much. He's verbally telegraphing what we've already known about these people for 20 years just by following the episodic storylines.

And then we get into the singing.

I just feel like we already know these people too well (I mean they're not super deep or anything; they're bloody '60s TV characters) to bother with something as in your face as this. In my opinion.

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