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I actually agree in part with Saquist - I think one of the basic problems is indeed that Shatner writes everyone else down in such a way everyone else on the ship looks like a buffoon next to Kirk that there's a big distraction at play trying to get into the film. Tonally I think Shatner tried to make a TOS film in the more direct way as if he wanted to write something that could have been written during the series run. But for him, it didn't work out.

I'm all for some humour and sense of fun in the adventures (notwithstanding everyone's sense of humour is different) but there's a difference between that and what Shatner does. He doesn't go for the fun, he goes for the silly (the 'navigator' who gets lost, the 'engineer' who doesn't see the bulkhead - although Uhura singing and dancing I actually buy because at least in TOS we saw her sing and usually people into singing are also into dance to some degree) while making Kirk super duper.

But I like the campfire scene in isolation.
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