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For anyone who may be interested after seeing 'Prometheus' then I wanted to post this link to a podcast that may be of interest.

This is a movie site that I visit a lot and the guys involved do a podcast every week. This week they discuss some of the themes and ideas within 'Prometheus' for about 45 mins and some of the things they feel are successful and unsuccessful within the film. It does have spoilers for those who have yet to see it, but as you will note from the page on the website it clearly states when the spoilers laden part of the discussion begins so you will be able to avoid if you wish.

I found it a very interesting chat that contains several things I agree with about what might be going on 'under the hood' so to speak!

If anyone decides to have a listen, hope you enjoy it. You can use the buffer bar on the page to forward through the podcast to get straight to the 'Prometheus' part without having to listen to the rest if you don't want to.
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