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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
Does Prometheus deserve a sequel?
I'd say personally 'yes'. Given what else gets sequels these days I think the fair answer to that would be 'why would it not?'. There's clearly unfinished business (and while I think that is the weakness of the film, in as much as it doesn't give you anything but a very clear 'to be continued' end, I would want to see at least one more.

Would a sequel even address the problems with the first movie? Do Scott and Lindelof actually have any of the answers they've already (reportedly) failed to disclose this time around?
This is where it would get interesting because this is what is up in the air, I think. Right now you get the sense that with his 'Lost' background at least around Lindelof there could be verifiable questions asked about whether answers (at least within the story) do exist or whether this is a set of questions and ideas that could be spun out endlessly but never entirely resolved.

Would Scott even be up for directing a sequel? He's 75 now. And he's still got to direct the Blade Runner sequel, and I think something else before that.
He's currently going directly into 'The Counselor' adapted from Cormack McCarthy's latest book. That's a confirmed 'go' project that should start filming soon.

But as one of the top tier directors Scott's name is attached to umpteen projects (though he might end up just being a producer on some of them). But there's that film to shoot, then the supposed 'Blade Runner' sequel, a rumoured 'Moses' project and then the fact that as mentioned above 'Prometheus' is clearly designed to be more than one film.

And as you say, he is 74 just now. With the best intentions, how many more films can he realistically get made before age finally catches up. He looks pretty solid for a 74 year old in the way Shatner looks pretty solid for an 81 year old................but he does have (let's be kind) limited time to make everything he might want to make.

Could somebody else direct a Prometheus sequel? It sounds like the answer is 'no'. Besides, who would FOX pick? Someone talented or cheap?
I think Scott would be very important to any sequel at this point. I think only he can give it the sense of scale and BIG that the story seems to want to demand. But if it proved to be successful then perhaps FOX would be willing to fast-track production, assuming that Scott and Lindelof have an idea where they are going and start work on a script.

The thing that is frustrating me a little is that I had hoped 'Prometheus' would maybe give me a sense of what Lindelof might be bringing to Abrams' Trek sequel as he is one of the writers on it as well.

Well, it looks like he can chuck out the ideas (and good ones, and interesting ones) but like I said, the film doesn't to me feel like it has a strong enough narrative holding it together by the end. Although looking back and thinking about it I can kind of also agree with Martok that if you strip away 'Prometheus' bigger notions, the underlying sequence of events isn't too far removed from 'Alien' itself.

So, I'm still left unsure if he'll be an asset or not to the Trek sequel's script.
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