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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
As for the movie itself, I think there is a unique opportunity here. I mean, here is a really cool universe of sci-fi to deal in stories....and they don't necessarily have to be about ALIEN or ALIENS....there's all sorts of possibilities that could be expanded upon. More of the Colonial Marines' function in the ALIEN universe. How do Private Military Corporations work? What about the ferocious corporate intrigue and (likely) warfare in this dystopian universe? I'm sure that Weyland has made MANY enemies in the corporate world.
Seems to me I made a similar comment re Blade Runner on here a while back; being that they could abandon the whole cops-and-replicants premise entirely while still keeping within the established world of capitalist dystopia, space colonies, East/West culture mishmash, 'cityspeak' and artificial intelligence. When you think about it, the anime series Cowboy Bepop isn't all that different (conceptually) from the larger interplanetary world that is implied in Blade Runner.

Question in the case of Prometheus/A L I E N is, would FOX realize such possibilities? Or would they instead go back to reviving their Aliens franchise with whoever is willing to direct for cheap? How's it looking on the Prometheus front?

Does Prometheus deserve a sequel? Would a sequel even address the problems with the first movie? Do Scott and Lindelof actually have any of the answers they've already (reportedly) failed to disclose this time around? Would Scott even be up for directing a sequel? He's 75 now. And he's still got to direct the Blade Runner sequel, and I think something else before that. Could somebody else direct a Prometheus sequel? It sounds like the answer is 'no'. Besides, who would FOX pick? Someone talented or cheap?

It's going to be at least a couple of days before circumstance spares me the time to see this bloody picture.

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