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'sallright, Kevin. I sent you a PM with my question that I would've put in spoiler tags here.

As for the movie itself, I think there is a unique opportunity here. I mean, here is a really cool universe of sci-fi to deal in stories....and they don't necessarily have to be about ALIEN or ALIENS....there's all sorts of possibilities that could be expanded upon. More of the Colonial Marines' function in the ALIEN universe. How do Private Military Corporations work? What about the ferocious corporate intrigue and (likely) warfare in this dystopian universe? I'm sure that Weyland has made MANY enemies in the corporate world.

Perhaps piracy on the high stars?

This was something that the "ALIENS ADVENTURE GAME" (basically, a short lived, published, paper and dice role-playing game set in the ALIENS universe) encouraged. Unfortunately, you had to be an Einstein, a Hawking, or a Rain Man to get into the heavy math involved in resolving dice conventions. LOL!

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