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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Seriously, I didn't need any context to determine that robocop on a bike does not belong into a Trek movie and I do not need any context now to determine that a uniform which looks Soviet and militaristic is inappropriate for Trek. I also do not need any context to know beforehand that this will neither be a satirical flick like Starship Troopers nor a dialectical piece like the Meyer movies (i.e. their very militarism caused its opposite). It will just be there, basically without any context, and among many other tiny little things create this uneasy feeling that this is somehow not the Starfleet we are used to anymore.
I'm 100% sure you don't. Just as I'm 100% sure you're own obvious prejudices never play a part in your reading of anything associated with the flick. But since you won't be seeing the film it won't really matter to you.
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