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You know, for all the huge and continuing commercial success of The Avengers I haven't seen anything that has outlined his reaction to it's popularity so far. He's came from way behind in film at least to write and direct a huge genre hit. But what that means for him next, I don't know. I have to assume Disney will do what they can to keep him for The Avengers sequel which will be in the next couple of years. I don't know if he wants to try and do something of his own inbetween.

I have to assume it's the more obsessive fans on the net that I've seen rabidly talking about how they want him to now use any leverage he has to resurrect Firefly and the Wonder Woman project. The former I'm totally against and the latter it seems is just a dead project now. But I think that reflects what you get in any fandom, that they don't always want to go forward but stay in past glories and pet projects.
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