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Originally Posted by omegaman View Post
Almost forgot about this thread. Any new thoughts people.
Yep, still missing the "I think it will be worse than the original" option.

Seriously, it is kind of depressive to read this old stuff and realize that one's intuition about these pathetic writers was correct.

A blunt attempt to copy TWOk like in the previous two movies will fail (i.e. it will be an entertaining but not a good movie) and moving more into the direction of Eugenic Wars, WWIII, how humans overdid genetics and deal with it now and so on seems to be more of a story for the small screen, not to mention that Orci is probably not aware of these themes.
So yeah, easy to totally dismiss this nonsense. As I always say, we are now in fluffy summer blockbuster territory. Do not expect good a story, expect an entertaining ride. Nothing wrong with that, rollercoasters are fun.
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