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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
The nexus is probably one of the worst examples of magic or deus ex machina ever conceived for a film (how did Kirk and Picard figure out how to leave it, exactly?). Generations always felt to me like the kind of project in which you design your movie poster first and then ask your writers to come up with a story
Yeah can't really argue with that. Shame there was such a rush to get Gen out after the end of the TNG season 7. I mean compare it to All Good Things and you start to wonder what went wrong.

Cinematography, I actually thought was pretty good. Probably the single strongest component of this film.
I thought it was ok, the lighting was an interesting idea, but taken way too far in my opinion. Like the lens flare that Abrams used, the darkness and shadows on the Enterprise were just too much. Used a little more subtly and it could have been really effective, instead you just think that the Enterprise is trying to lower its electricity bill.

Music was definitely uninspired. Easily the weakest of all of ST's film scores, and the only one I haven't collected to date. With no disrespect to McCartly, he is clearly not a film composer. That they actually thought he could work out for them, and then were forced to reconsider for the sequels, I think says more about the Berman aesthetic than any other one thing in his eighteen-year history.
Some of the music I liked, but it is weak compared to the other films. Why didn't Jerry Goldsmith do this one? Anyone know?
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