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Well, I did say I couldn't personally call it a good movie so it shouldn't be that surprising. I thought McDowall was weak (but then I think he later in his own words dismissed the script as ****, implying he didn't put much efffort into his performance), Shatner was............well Shatner I guess and various other aspects that are problematic. Some of which you've even identified yourself.

In respect of the general discussion I generally find that actual moviemakers (whether they be names like Nolan or Spielberg) can usually take their themes and ideas and use the film-makers toolbox and the toys within it such as cinematography, music and the emotions they can stir to aid them and tend not to view them as a hindrance. Given the bombastic musical score of Nolan's films and cinematography he uses he can't not. I think they would recognise the value of them and therefore do not dismiss them as secondary.
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