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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
This discussion is too mechanical for my taste and reminds me of the nitpicking of the Delta Vega scenes from the last movie. What is it about, what are the themes of this sequences, what does it mean for the characters, how could you describe it in two lines are more important questions for me than the "but why did Gandalf not ask the eagles to take Frodo to Mount Doom?" kind of plot mechanical questions.

The point of Delta Vega is to be a place where Spock and Kirk meet not coincidentally in a slightly surreal atmosphere (I guess the movie would have been better without the NimoySpock & Spock scene to maintain the ghostliness of NimoySpock)
The point of the Nexus is to compare the hedonist who yearns for eternal bliss with the heroes who yearn to do the right thing even if they have to sacrifice their private happiness or their very life.

Of course one can focus on the trees instead of the forest and nitpick Delta Vega or the Nexus or whatever to death but I fail to see the merit of that.
In principal I agree with what you're saying Horatio and a lot of plot holes and errors don't matter and needn't be complained about, but for me Gen was a bit of a stretch to fully enjoy without sort of frowning as you watch it feeling they missed a few things. Whether or not making such changes would have enhanced the film no one can know of course but I'd have liked to have seen them.

You can also phrase it differently, Soran is basically already a zombie, he has nothing but the drive to live whereas Picard and Kirk have the desire to fill their lives with something significant.
That's a nice idea, hadn't thought about it that way before.

U-huh, you've told me this a hundred times. I don't need to be further reminded of your feelings and appreciation on their choices and on Generations itself. I'm not and never did deny it's presence. I just have a different set of feelings about it as a theme and I'm sorry but I don't find it as rich as you do.
There's a lot to like in Gen, I don't see it as a bad film, but it was certainly missing something IMO.
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