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Originally Posted by Roysten View Post
Certainly could be a fulltime profession.

There is a difference though, the plot holes in Gen and a couple of the other films are actually detrimental to your enjoyment of the story, yet in most cases it's stuff that forgivable.
I think some of the flaws in Generations come close to being fatal. For instance, the plot hinges on this plan to deactivate these stars, changing the course of the Nexus so that Soran can get to it from the planet. Why go through that trouble? Why not just fly a ship into it? That's how he got there the first time.

I know they "answer" this question in the film by pointing out that a ship would be destroyed by the Nexus. But the question then becomes, so what? The alternative is to stand on that planet, and it's going to be equally destroyed by the shockwave. So obviously this doesn't matter much, because once inside it doesn't matter what happens to the vehicle you used to get there.

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