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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
The 'Augments', as I'm now supposed to call them, had none of Khan's charisma whatsoever, nor did they seem particularly intelligent... apparently content to off each other over which Alpha Male gets to impregnate the fertile female (who herself gets utterly blindsighted by her boyfriend, while we're supposed to pretend to act surprised).
This is so true. I didn't even realize how different Khan's people were with the Augments.

All the arcs I've seen so far (Augments, Vulcan, Bable, Ruffles have Ridges) appear to come apart in their final installment because they spare no expense being contrived in the name of appearing climactic (The dominant 'conservative' Vulcan faction turns out to be just evil and corrupt after all; how cop-out seeming is that). And by the epilogue nothing is ever left to the imagination ("I've been thinking... cybernetics. Might take a couple centuries to realize").
Absolutely. It was all contrivance for the vulcans to reassemble quickly what they had dismantled at the very beginning of the series because they knew they were going to be canceled. Making the Vulcans enemies ...(in the way they did it) was mistake NUMERO UNO for Berman with Enterprises story lines. In fact there was no reason to do it all for EARTH would never put their hands into an alien force who they ever suspected as hostile or belligerent.

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