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I'd say the next movie is as much a sure thing as Iran Man 2 was. And that comparison being made, it could still disappoint and perhaps even cause the public to reassess. But I think it would take more than one sucky movie to derail the film franchise at this point.

However it is a 'film' franchise now. And accepting that the prior films are/were essentially outgrowths of the TV franchise (mostly TV actors, and at least the appearance of a maintained continuity), I think we have to treat this new franchise as a separate beast: in other words the health of one franchise does not determine the health of the other. JJ Abrams has made a commercially viable product based on the elements of ST that are considered the most culturally iconic. But I suspect it's still 2005 as far as the 'actual' (TV-based) ST franchise is concerned. How do you bring it back? If you're not yet sure, then you remain in silent wait-and-see mode while the current movie franchise does its thing.

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If anything, it's that it seemed to break continuity that caused so many problems for so many ('But Kirk was born in Iowa'..........'Starships didn't look like that in TOS'...........'Kirk doesn't know how to drive a car' and a hundred others) when it came to the film.

But it probably comes back to Dumb Green Frat Girls (or Orions) or something like that.
The argument being that the movie got that part wrong just as it did those other things. So I don't see... oh, nevermind.

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