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To play devil's advocate, the one way that I could see a possible return of the prime universe is if there's a TV series set in the 25th- or 26th-Century. It would have to be a deliberate and conscious choice by CBS to move Trek forward rather than reinvent the wheel again. Such a series would really only need to have the basics--Starfleet and the Federation--with any references to specific stuff in previous Trek shows happening only once in a blue moon. If it involves a future USS Enterprise with a registry like NCC-1701-H (just as an example), that would really be all the lip service to previous continuity that it would need, IMO. Otherwise, it could really have the freedom to push things in new directions with new characters and situations.

With the Rick Berman era now long since passed, the show would be under the direction of a new executive producer/creator that would likely have a different vision of Trek and how it should be (he or she may insist on more interpersonal relationships & conflicts and less reliance on technobabble for stories).
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