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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
And using the TSFS and TFF example that is not in and of itself necessarily a gripe with a film. Notwithstanding that TSFS is the better film anyway, but in those two stories the Klingons were not the point of the film. What the primary characters and the crew were doing was the point.

Kruge and Klaa were there mostly to inject a little heightened drama into the story. But they were not THE story itself. This is the same as Nero in ST09. Nero was never the main point. Him being Romulan was never the point of the story in that film. The story of Kirk/Spock and the crew was, just as it was in TSFS and TFF.
That's a good point and while I totally agree that neither Kruge nor Klaa had any impact upon the story they are certainly not great characters and perhaps even the worst TOS Klingons.
Given the cut-out Klingon scenes it is safe to assume that the Klingons will not suffer from the same problem in the upcoming movie, independent of how little screen time they will have.
Klingons which are shown to be brutal and cunning at the same time in a matter of two minutes, that definitely warrants more and if they can be tied well into the main (?) story with Khan, all the better.
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