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It is entirely objective. We learned nothing new about Vulcans and Romulans and they did not have anything to do with each other (I am arguing for weaving things together). The Klingons on the other hand were fantastic but cut out for obvious reasons.
The Orions were, as you pointed out, just green girls, i.e. a clichée instead of the real thing. In The Cage there weren't any green girls, there was a character which perfectly fitted into the story. It was an alien, not just a green girl that matches some stupid Trek clichées.
Not that I expected anything sane from you but your argument that Trek is supposed to reproduce its own clichées and basically be a parody of itself is so utterly lunatic that it doesn't require any further comments.

Back to the Orions, Bound, the previous story which involved them actually told something new about them. Doing something fresh with old faces is not continuity obsession or fanwankery, otherwise the very reboot of TOS would be fanwank as well which it obviously isn't. That's all I am asking for, if you use familiar characters or aliens do something fresh with them or connect them with each other.
To come back to the next movie, despite considering Orci to be an abysmal writer I actually expect that the Klingons and Augments will have something to do with each other. Otherwise it will most likely be something like TSFS or TFF, Klingons hunting the same thing the Feds hunt.
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