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Your question is as stupid as asking why Enterprise Incident is compared with Balance of Terror or why Ledger's Joker is compared with Nicholson's. When there are two stories that involve the same aliens/characters the latter one will naturally be compared with the former one. Perhaps not by someone like you but by people who have a more balanced view upon the franchise and actually care about good stories instead of lensflares, monsters, Tattoomulans and fast cuts.

If you didn't notice all the fanwank in STXI you might wanna watch it again. Inside jokes all over the place, Nimoy, Orions, Klingons, Romulans, Vulcans, gee, it's a fanboy's wet dream. Unlike ENT's fourth season which actually told stories about Vulcans, Orions and Romulans in which these familiar aliens sometimes appeared in a fresh light STXI just put them in for the sake of it.
Hard to tell whether it was Orci's fandom gone wild or a marketing guy whispering in his ears how to satisfy the fans with such a simple trick.
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