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I don't think the Augment story is without it's fanwank either to be fair from what I recall. Explaining the ridges is a pretty big fanwank moment alone really. Plus you have Soong, genetics. A few other things I think. Yes you have the politics............but fanwank remains in there. I'm 50/50 on it but I think I saw those ones, but my memory on ENT is questionable to be fair since I was waning at the time and it's been years since I saw any of it now.

It's like most of ENT's storylines. I'm not and never was big enough on the show to start with (and obviously by extension the main storylines) to be immediately concerned about the possible effects of the sequel's story on them. Since we don't yet know what precise territory it might cover. The political foundation aspects of the story have been done, and neither 'Space Seed' nor TWOK needed to discuss them (ignoring the 'real' reason for that of course) so there's not an immediate need for any other Khan story to concern itself with a story that took place 100 years earlier.

If it's going down that route.
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