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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Not being a significant supporter of the Augment story arc (particularly in respect of it's explantion of Klingon ridges - which I think exemplifies ENT's strongest weakness of deeming it necessary to explain things that didn't warrant explaining ultimately) anyway then in all fairness I don't suppose I have many genuine concerns in the area of 'competing'...............assuming the sequel script enters such territory.
Have you actually seen these episodes? Because the Klingon ridges were a little joke at the end but not the core of the story.

In the last movie there have been Vulcans and Romulans and it did not tell anything about them at all, let alone connect them in any way.
The Augments stories on the other hand did flow into the political background (the Orion, Klingon, soon-to-be Federation border triangle area) and later merged naturally with the Klingons.
So to rephrase my question, will the next movie be fanwank galore like the first movie or will it not just throw everything into the pot but actually cook something new out of these familiar ingredients like the previous story that involved Klingons and Augments did?
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