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Mine arrived the other day so I have sat down and begun watching it.

Em...............yeah I think I may be sold!

'Encounter at Farpoint' looks superb, especially the visual effects (I don't know if visuals such as the opening fireball that the chain link grid collapses into to follow the Enterprise with have been redone or whether that is the remastering of the original elements again) and the D looks gorgeous.

No wonder she's been my favourite ship since '87!

I do think in some of the darker shots the effect is slightly less (the Battle Bridge and the Court) but even then the improved clarity is clear to see, but the main Bridge etc comes up glossy and lovely!

I think in general Blu-ray does sometimes have trouble with darker light conditions at times though, I've always thought in Blu-ray that it's daytime and natural light based shots that always come up best, alongside other natural elements like water and also obviously your crisp CGI visuals as well in films.

It's kinda quaint to watch a TV show not filmed in Widescreen though! I'll move onto 'The Inner Light' and 'Sins of the Father' soon but I was never big on it. My understanding is that these episodes were chosen for initial remastering because 'The Inner Light' is very brightly lit, 'Sins of the Father' is very darkly lit and 'Encounter at Farpoint' has a lot of varied visual effects and particularly starship and space shots. Which, seems fair enough for experimentation.
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