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Given that the last two movies have already been to some degree failed attempts to repeat TWOK it is totally beyond me how anybody would want to do this again. Until INS we had one TWOK, now we have four.
But as you said many fans demanded Khan so from a business perspective it is smart to cater to the hardcore fans while delivering an enjoyable summer blockbuster for everybody else. This risk-averse choice is of course totally sound from a business perspective but from a creative perspective playing it super-safe is a disaster.

As I said all the time, the notion that these moves are a fresh start is wrong. With Khan and Spock sen. we are not just knee-deep in the waters of continuity obsession but nearly drowning.
The future (if there is any which I begin to question as Orci and Kurtzman are not the source of the continuity problem but merely a symptom of it) lies in the next series.
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