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I for one, am disappointed in myself that I gave in to looking at the spoilers, but I have now.

I don't actually see why so many are up in arms over this. I expected about half, but just about the only people on the 'net that I can find who have voiced their opinion express serious misgivings. It's not as if they were entirely unexpected. Apart from Nimoy's return.

And I think that now they have done their villain-simply-in-place-to-unite-heroes story, and now it will an altogether more rounded piece.

But then again they could be doing a rehash, which would be rubbish and unoriginal. I don't think they'd be that stupid.

And fans did seem to be crying out for Khan before this.

Originally Posted by horatio View Post
On the other hand Cumberbach is a great actor and his Khan will most likely be far superior to the pathetic copies Shinzon and Nero.
I agree with this. Benedict Cumberbatch not only has a really good name to say, but also is a good actor with a good style. And probably a good range, but I've only seen him in two things.

And I wouldn't say that Nero was a pathetic copy. He was an under-developed villain, but I liked Eric Bana's portrayal of that wild-eyed, quietly seething, angry Romulan. Any character development of his on the part of the script would have been nice.
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