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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Peter Weller as a 'CEO', Noel Clarke as a family man, the return of a character (well, two) and the as yet undisclosed role of Alice Eve (though that 'may' have become more guessable if all else is correct) and possibly Greenwood returning.
I don't recall the Peter Weller part. Or any news on Greenwood over the past year.

But you know, I think for the very first time since 2006 I am officially disappointed. I think it [the second spoiler] is a mistake, and a waste of a two-hour story. I don't want it to be true. And yet it isn't my vote. The fans are ST's worst enemy.

I still dare these people to make an excellent movie. They're going to have to now, because critics and audiences will be already waiting to make comparisons. They may have made their job harder and hopefully they realize it.

I still stick by what I've said about the second movie being the one that typically defines the franchise. The one that sets the characters and themes the most into focus. So it's possible that we've misunderstood what AbramsTrek was about, even while we were loving it for making ST exciting again. Maybe its mission statement really is to translate ST into something akin to a superhero movie franchise. (Though I guess between the com badges, pajamas, jumpsuits, and comments like "No, I'm from Iowa, I only work in outer space", ST has always had something of a superhero mentality to it).

In spite of reservations, I can never say this isn't interesting.

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