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Originally Posted by Roysten View Post
As much as I loved Nimoy being in Trek09 I would rather he wasn't in the next one, I agree with Horatio in that the passing the torch was done in the 1st film and doesn't need to continue.
Seems reasonable. I don't think the movies need him anymore. I wouldn't dismiss a future movie just on account of Nimoy being considered, however I would wonder what they were thinking.

Is quite ironic though how he could be open for a cameo here when he refused to do one for Generations.
It sort of is. But Generations had issues with or without Nimoy, I think all of us can agree. So did STV, TMP and early drafts of STII (all being projects that Nimoy was initially reluctant to commit to). Not much is known about Phase II's development prior to Nimoy opting out.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I guess it could depend on what it's nature is.

If I recall from his '95 book he didn't do Generations because Spock would have had no real purpose in the cameo. It was meaningless in terms of the rest of the film. Which would have been true enough based on Scotty and Chekov's appearances.
And we know he passed on directing it as well (though in their defense, I suppose their offer to him may have been predicated on his agreeing to appear as Spock). How much does he talk about this in his book?

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