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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
The way you pieced some of that together, it sounds like it follows the flow of the novel.
Cool. I haven't read the novel. I was just havin' some fun with the film. That's pretty coincidental

Originally Posted by horatio View Post
That sounds like some fine cutting. I particularly like that you address the age issue. Not that I know when the characters are supposed to be born but I always imagined Spock to be older and his species to mature slower due to their longer lifespan such that he is around 25 or 30 when he enters Starfleet academy and not around 20 like a human.
Thanks! I don't think it was ever addressed as far as "canon" that Spock was older than Kirk. But I always assumed so for the same reasons you point out. And I think it is in the Encyclopedia and Chronology that he's older than Kirk. To me it makes sense. And I feel that the Klingon scenes enhanced the flow of the movie because it addressed the glaring issue of what the flying frak Nero and his band of goony tattoomulans were doing farting around the galaxy for 25 years
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