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Originally Posted by I-Am-Zim View Post
I just got done with another "Zim Cut" of JJ-Trek. I re-arranged a couple of things from my last cut. I put NuSpock's birth at the beginning to show he was older than NuKirk, followed by the Kelvin scene, then the Narada being captured by the Klingons, then the NuKirk brothers scene, then the Vette scene. After that I added the "NuVulcan family problems" scene after NuSpock's fight with the other kids and then the Klingon/Nero interrogation scene at the "25 years later" mark. After that, I put the "NuKirk apologizes to Gaila" scene after the destruction of NuVulcan. From then on I think it's pretty much unaltered. Oh yeah, I cut out all that NuSpock/NuUhura kissykissy crap. I feel that it's a much better movie this way. But that's just my opinion. I still couldn't give a crap about the jj-verse, but at least I did the movie the way I like it and I can actually sit through it now
That sounds like some fine cutting. I particularly like that you address the age issue. Not that I know when the characters are supposed to be born but I always imagined Spock to be older and his species to mature slower due to their longer lifespan such that he is around 25 or 30 when he enters Starfleet academy and not around 20 like a human.
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