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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I used to have several but they all went the way of the dinosaur over the years.

I had the USS Enterprise-A, the Reliant, the Enterprise-D, Enterprise-E and the Voyager at one point. Some broke due to accidents or eventual fragility and some I cleared out when I just didn't have the room for them anymore. I generally don't mind no longer having most of them.

But I wish I had kept my Enterprise-D.

That was the one I tried hardest to get as right as I could (but I was never a great modelmaker in terms of results though I enjoyed making them) because the D is my favourite ship of them all and it was definitely my best work. It actually looked pretty good and was the 22'' model from the early 1990s.

But it went. I do regret that decison though. Completely.
That's a shame, never had the Ent-D but a friend of mine did and I was always very impressed by the model. Still have most of mine but a lot are in boxes where they languish and whenever I get them out they're always slightly more broken, just having the space to display them properly as they're quite large things.

As to best ship... I like them all so it's quite difficult, the refit Constitution is awesome though, and in some ways the most 'realistic' in that you look at it and could imagine it being real. Though overlong I do enjoy the huge pan round we get of it at the start of The Motion Picture.
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