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Originally Posted by Roysten View Post
I have the same model, and the same grievance regarding the size of the shuttle! My model also broke with the thrusters coming off sadly, I try and keep my favourite ones out of harms way.
I used to have several but they all went the way of the dinosaur over the years.

I had the USS Enterprise-A, the Reliant, the Enterprise-D, Enterprise-E and the Voyager at one point. Some broke due to accidents or eventual fragility and some I cleared out when I just didn't have the room for them anymore. I generally don't mind no longer having most of them.

But I wish I had kept my Enterprise-D.

That was the one I tried hardest to get as right as I could (but I was never a great modelmaker in terms of results though I enjoyed making them) because the D is my favourite ship of them all and it was definitely my best work. It actually looked pretty good and was the 22'' model from the early 1990s.

But it went. I do regret that decison though. Completely.
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