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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Ah, the law and order fraction has arrived and excuses murder via some ramblings about knowing more than the mainstream media. Bullsh*tting about having insider knowledge is a nice try though.

It's like with Hitler, appearing rigid and disciplined on the surface but clearly saying between the lines that with him the Germans can have a lot of fun, raping, pillaging and killing in the East. Or take the Stalinist show trials or the Klan lynchings, carneval as a pure ethical transgression.
With Milosevic and his bunch this kind of 'ideology as an excuse for wickedness' logic becomes pretty clear:

People nothing is forbidden in my faith
There is loving and drinking
And looking at the Sun for as long as you want
And this godhead forbids you nothing
Bite me, you self righteous piece of crap.

I'm suggesting that maybe you haven't heard as much as I have because you're halfway around the damn world. In case you didn't know, an NBC news producer was FIRED for editing the 911 call to portray Zimmerman as a racist.

Again, bite me.
"Are you out of your Vulcan mind?"
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