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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
For what, having participated in the Iran-Iraq war? Somebody obviously forgot that the same guys who worked together with Saddam bombed the sh*t out of him two decades later. How much history has to trickle down the stream until people learn the flaws of the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" kind of thinking?
For what, f**king with Somali pirates? Somebody obviously forgot that the cause of the problem down there is anarchy which enables us Europeans to steal their fish and dump our waste down there which again forces them into another occupation. We are the pirates, not them.

It be really sweet and easy if a bunch of capitals ships made the world a safer place but alas, it is far more complicated.
I was not making political comment, nor any analysis of US foreign policy, US Navy policy, or the British Admiralty, or even Upper Weebistan's army.

I live in a Navy town; these people give their lives to these ships, and in return the vessels are their homes and refuges for months at a time.

Feel free to trash me personally if it pleases you. Otherwise, please don't quote me when I make innocuous comments.

Thanks in advance.
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