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Thanks for the interest.

Well, the VOY colors are familiar enough, INS emphasized browns, and for NEM it was blues. About functionality, one thing is the common LCARS panels, consisting mostly of buttons but with vertical dividers with large black squares near the right.

Here, on the LCARS 24 Options menu, each black square acts like a period at the end of a sentence, a mark to denote the end of a section. But also, when a button is pressed it disappears and is replaced by an alternative to that option, in which case the key label of what was chosen and is no longer visible is displayed in 14-point black font to replace the black square to notify you of what you chose. The button to the right of that shows the content of your selection. Then, if you cancel that by choosing what’s already active, the display goes back to how it was, including the black square. So the interface does make sense when you’re using this menu. We haven’t seen it on screen, but I assume that's partially how those panels are supposed to work.

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