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There was a fan-made LCARS2 developed, I think based on an early interface design for Star Trek Online. Two that are minor variations of LCARS are FLC (future LCARS) and ACARS, which can be seen here but only if you're registered and logged in, starting on page 2 of the LCARS forum. FLC does away with the elbows and adds a circle with concentric rings within one vertical frame element. The U.S. Air Force has a similar circular thing on their Web site without LCARs colors. I haven't tried to integrate that into my LCARS system. I have no idea how to make it functional and meaningful. But I haven’t used LCARS spinners, either. I’ve seen other variations that look nice but are hard to make functional in a working LCARS interface.

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I like TCARS but have no plans to use it in a working system. The same goes for the ENT interface.

In my LCARS system the user can select from among INS, NEM, and VOY color schemes, as well as between Standard and Endgame modes, for a total of six color schemes. The user can also select military or civilian for the time displays. Some of the graphical elements often seen since the start of TNG have meaning in LCARS 24 that they didn't really have when seen on Trek but do make sense. The only graphical element that I can think of at the moment that LCARS 24 has that I don't recall seeing in Trek can be seen in the LCARS Kakuro game. The indentations along the top and left side of the grid frame vary according to the content, as do the so-called square rivet holes at right. In this app the shape is therefore different for each puzzle. Some fictional computer systems have used (or are even based on) a design element like this, but I think it fits with LCARS in this case.

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