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Originally Posted by Quark View Post
But yeah, to focus on an animated series, I don't think that would really be considered something we would want to watch. I mean, sure I bet it would be fun and nice to have something with the name Star Trek on it, but at the same time it would be focused more on the kids and less on us and no doubt it will be based in the alternate universe.
I actually think if they did an animated series, it'd be set in its own universe in the way the new Transformers and G.I. Joe cartoons are. Continuity doesn't mean much for kids. They'd probably would go for an even sleeker looking still Constitution-class Enterprise if it looked even kewler to them than the Star Trek XI version.
So, I guess it is safe to say that if there will ever been a live-action series, or anything, it will be online.
Personally, I wouldn't put my money on that. There's still cable TV and premium cable--both of which are far more lucrative than online TV. Even first-run syndication really isn't out of the question since I think more local stations would eagerly buy a brand-new Trek series than a totally unknown show with no history/built-in following to it.
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