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Originally Posted by Quark View Post
I did hear rumors about this new futuristic Star Trek animated series, but that was from a long time ago. It was proposed a long time ago as well and I guess they are still trying to pitch it to Paramount, but who knows.
I know.

It would have been called Star Trek: Final Frontier and it was an idea that was being considered for a new web-animated series for following the cancellation of ENT. But in 2006, Star Trek's TV and movie divisions went their separate ways and Final Frontier wound up being one of those ideas that was shelved alongside the aborted Star Trek: The Beginning movie.

I think Star Trek will be like it was in the early 80s, and just keep us up to date with the films, rather than have films and a television series.
I wouldn't rule out the possibility of an animated Star Trek series before the decade is out. It would be considerably less expensive to produce than a live-action series and could be put on the CW's Saturday morning cartoon block or even sold to a network like Cartoon Network or the recently-launched The Hub. It'd probably be a show aimed at a younger audience rather than aging Trekkers though.

As far as a live-action series, eh, I definitely wouldn't hold my breath for that one. It could very well be that the success of Star Trek XI torpedoed any chance of live-action Trek coming back to TV for the forseeable future...
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