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Probably. I didn't do 'enough' research when I bought my TV, although even if I had I doubt I could have found a 26" with a 120Hz refresh rate (my studio apt is only so big). If you can then I'm a sucker, because motion blur is a real b**** when it happens.

I find it hard to understand how refreshing the picture twice as fast can reduce film grain though. That grain is an artifact of film and is supposed to be there (I know a lot of digital remasters try to clean it up, however I find that philosophy somewhat misguided). But as for reducing strobe/flicker and motion blur, sure why not.

I don't know that shooting 48fps is that high tech per say... though obviously you double the amount of film that you shoot, and need projectors that can project the film twice as fast. Then I imagine you drop every other frame to create 'standard' 24fps prints for those theaters that can only project film at the normal speed.

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