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I will likely see the new Star Trek in 3D first. I do not suffer from problems with 3D, and don't mind wearing the glasses.

I recently went and saw Star Wars Episode I in 3D, and it was not a bad conversion at all. Largely I went just to see it on the big screen again, but the 3D conversion was a nice touch. No new effects added (save for the 20th Century Fox logo and the Lucasfilm Limited logo) to cash in on the 3D, as much of the movie was shot as if it were already in 3D.

As for those who are talking about getting the 3D without the glasses...well...Nintendo may well be the trendsetter for solving that issue. Their new Nintendo 3DS handheld achieves 3D without the need for glasses, because the main screen has a glass that rectifies the 3D effects. Some say the effects are pretty cool, while others say it looks like Photoshop layers. Your actual mileage may vary.

I thought I'd heard somewhere that a company was already working on a Hi-Def TV that had 3D without the need for glasses, using a similar technique.

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