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Originally Posted by Quark View Post
Well, all the more reason to watch it on Netflix or buy the Blu-Ray. But, I can tell you aren't a fan of the film so you will pass on both options lol!
Actually, I watched it on FX and... I dunno... I liked it. I actually liked it.

FX called it an "extended edition". I did notice that some of the tiny bits I disliked in the theatrical release were pleasantly absent in this version. (Gladiator w/Russel Crowe did the same thing, making changes to the non-theatrical version.)

But I've surprised myself in that I really did enjoy it. HOWEVER... eight minutes of movie followed by five minutes of commercials got annoying real fast. I would really like to see a commercial-free version on premium cable.

I'm not a disc guy. I have about 100 DVDs that I rarely watched taking up space, so I haven't bothered to get into blu-ray. I'd much rather record it on my cable DVR w/o commercials.
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