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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Obviously a far saner suggestion than TOS fans hoping to see Kirk et al. on the small screen again in a third incarnation.
Many people, including somebody like me who does not particularly like TOS, recognize that the sterility of the 24th century is a liability and the roughness of the 23rd an asset.
As I'm not aware of who else on here might have made such a suggestion (which isn't to say that they haven't), I can only say for myself that I do believe a future ST television series should probably involve 'some' of the classic characters in some way. I had also previously speculated that whoever greenlights the next series might be tempted to go in the direction of another TOS reboot, personal preferences aside. Neither is the same as saying a 'strait' reboot is what should happen. Though even if it did, I'm not convinced that it couldn't be made to work. It would be no different (theoretically) than any other rebooted series based around an iconic group of characters. How many TV-based Superman reboots do we have now? Again, this is purely observational and not a statement of preference.

I do believe the 'next-next-next generation' phase of ST has run its course. While I'm sure there are a dozen-dozen workable premises that have never been explored, I think everything has its time. Not unlike Phase II, The Academy Years, The Beginning, ST Excelsior, they all had their time to either go forward or not. While it was once tempting to think of the ST universe as the ever-expanding gum bubble that you could just keep blowing up, I just don't see that as characterizing the current Third Generation of ST.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I'm sure I remember [Behr] saying that DS9 was just sort of left to do it's own thing because the powers that be were more interested in the TNG films and VOY at the time. But where that recollection comes from I dunno. The fog of my memory most likely. Or a long ago interview.
I don't quite remember any direct claim of the sort from him, however I've heard it said enough times to accept as plausible fact. It fits with my overall impression of what happened creatively between the three TNG spinoffs. The absence of a network such as UPN probably did not hurt DS9 either.

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