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I tend to agree that budget isn't a factor strictly - but there are more than a few reasons why TWOK was run on a tighter ship than the first film.

I would be more impressed with Meyer's fights with Roddenberry if it didn't come across merely as two ego's duking it out rather than people trying to collaborate to make something work. But neither man is clean-cut and both made films that have their various positives and negatives. And I figure if Roddenberry was money oriented enough to write lyrics to theme music just to get a cut.........why not make a comic book if it sells? Star Trek mined much tackier merchandising opportunities under Berman and the studio and got in first with the fanwank genre crossovers.

I'm not aware of Behr ever fighting with anyone, but I could be wrong. If he did I'd love to know what over actually. I'm sure I remember him saying that DS9 was just sort of left to do it's own thing because the powers that be were more interested in the TNG films and VOY at the time. But where that recollection comes from I dunno. The fog of my memory most likely. Or a long ago interview.

Anyway, those aspects are essentially water long passed under the bridge.
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