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Obviously a far saner suggestion than TOS fans hoping to see Kirk et al. on the small screen again in a third incarnation.
Many people, including somebody like me who does not particularly like TOS, recognize that the sterility of the 24th century is a liability and the roughness of the 23rd an asset.
This plus a setting on another place besides a starship is something you can work with and I don't see that this is giving in to fan demands. Writing a comic book because a fan asks you to on the other hand is and it is not something I can picture Meyer, Roddenberry or Behr doing. Furthermore these three guys f**ed either with the studio* or their predecessor. Doesn't hurt if the guy at the helm of Trek has some Kirkian traits.

* - That's not at least why I paradoxically wish that less money is poured into Trek. It wasn't the first movie with the gargantum budget that did the trick, it was the second with the tiny one.

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