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Originally Posted by omegaman View Post
Music score is wonderful overall. It invokes precise feelings throughout the film.
Exactly, the whole thing meshes together nicely.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I did like the music, probably the best score since FC in a Trek film. I'd say I actually like it more than FC but I like the main title from FC quite a lot.
The main title music from FC is very beautiful.

Originally Posted by NCC-73515 View Post
WOK, TVH, TUC, FC, and INS were better
I can only vaguely remember the music from any of them apart from FC, which I am very familiar with. Generations, FC and the new movie are the only ones I have access to. My Grandad has them all, which is the only opportunity I ever have to watch the other movies. I seem to remember liking the score of TUC...

But Michael Giacchino's score... Well, it has everything I like about music. There is just not enough of it!! It should be made into a symphony...

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
You know, that makes me realise that I could sit here for the rest of my life and not remember a single musical piece from Insurrection or Nemesis, yet I can recall parts of varying lengths of the scores from every other one of the films. Sorta makes me wonder suddenly if that Berman 'don't do music' ethos finally penetrated through to the TNG films.
Music can make or break a film. With a better, more distinctive, elative score: Nemesis could have been half decent. Similarly, the new film would have fallen completely flat had MG's score not been absolutely suited to the directing and the production. I don't think John Williams could have scored this film as well, and I don't think Hans Zimmer could have either. Thomas Newman, perhaps, but his soundtracks tend to be more muted in colour, if you'll forgive synæsthetic parlance...

Okay, I just paraphrased the film. Hmm.

Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
The music was very cool. The movie overall had a great look and feel to it. Everything synched up well.
It did. Ach! I cannot express my love for the music of this film!!!!
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