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For a start I don't really view 82 as the huge schism that you seem to, so there's that - I'm just not that taken by the supposed balls Meyer had. If you watch TOS there's plenty of military talk amongst the 'we travel in peace' lines so why anyone thinks meyer reinvented the wheel I still don't know. He just made the emphasis less subtle. Plus I think Harve Bennett kick started the ball in that direction or at least was as responsible.

Pissing off some fans isn't even that hard to do - especially Trek ones, I think we all know that, so it's over-rated.

Besides stuff like Beagles and Cardassian beverages are just insignificant mentions overall. Are we meant to pretend Cardassians never existed until 'The Wounded' or something?

And actually in TV format I've always said that I would prefer another series to take another leap away from the 24th C and into a late 25th etc type setting. On the other hand actually you're the one who normally keeps advocating a 23rd Century show.............on a little freighter somewhere on the rough edges of space.............something along those lines.
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